Fall 2016 Library Process for ANGEL Courses

The way the students access E-Reserves in ANGEL will be different starting in the fall 2016 semester. The students will need to use the library’s reserve search feature to locate their course’s list of readings.

Instructors or design staff will need to remove the current Penn State Library Tools block from the Resources Tab in ANGEL courses, and add a new block to send the students to the library reserves search page.

To update an ANGEL course for Library Reserves:

1. Go to the course in ANGEL and select the Resources Tab.

2. Select Edit Page on the top left.

Select Edit Page.

Select Edit Page.

3. Remove the Penn State Library Tools block by hovering over the block and selecting the “x.”

Select 'x" in upper-right corner.

Select 'x" in upper-right corner.

4. Click the Add Components button at the top.

Click the Add Components Button.

Click the Add Components button.

5. Scroll down in the Available Components and check the box next to Custom Content.

Check the box next to Custom Content

Check the box next to Custom Content.

6. Click the Add Selected button.

7. An empty Custom Content block has now been added to the Resources Tab.

8. Hover over the Custom Content block and select the pencil icon to edit the block.

Click the pencil icon to edit the block.

Click the pencil icon to edit the block.

9. In the Title field, enter the following: Penn State Library Tools

10. In the Content field, enter the following:

11. Go to the Library Course Reserves page and click on the link for the new Course E-Reserves Search. In the search box, key in your instructor's last name or course number to access the E-Reserves for your course. Note: As an alternative, you can provide the students with the direct link to that course’s list of E-Reserves which the library will send by email to each instructor.

12. Save (the block)

13. Save (the Resources Tab page)


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