Installing Symantec Endpoint Protection on Mac OS X

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NOTE: If Symantec Endpoint Protection is already installed on your Mac, simply run Live Update by clicking the shield icon near your clock, hovering over "LiveUpdate," clicking "Open LiveUpdate," and clicking "Update Now."


Symantec Endpoint Protection is an enterprise level antivirus software provided by the university to all faculty, staff, and students. It provides security against viruses and malware from a variety of sources. This article provides information on downloading and installing the software.


1. Navigate to and select the Virus Detection/Spyware Tools option.


2. Select Macintosh to open the downloads page for the software

3. Select the version that matches your operating system and click the link to download it.


4. Symantec will download to the default location for downloaded files.


Note: Before beginning this section, make sure that all other work is saved and closed. Part of the installation process involves restarting your computer.

1. Navigate to the folder that Symantec downloaded to and double click the .zip file to expand the contents.

2. Open the expanded folder and double click the .dmg file open it.

3. In the disk image, run the Symantec endpoint installer.

4. Click Continue in the system restart required alert.


5. Click Agree & Install to begin the installation process. This may take as long as 15 minutes.


6. When Symantec is done installing, the installer will prompt you to restart your computer. Make sure your work is saved, and click Close & Restart to finish the installation


7. When your computer restarts, Symantec has been successfully installed

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