Conferences in Canvas: Meeting @ PennState vs. Big Blue Button

Table comparing Meeting @ PennState and Big Blue Button conferencing tool use in Canvas
Meeting @ PennState powered by Adobe Connect Big Blue Button
Has its own navigation link in Canvas, Meeting @ PSU Listed under the Conferences link
An instructor can create a meeting. Students can be manually added, or the meeting can be made available to anyone who has the meeting link. An instructor can schedule a meeting and automatically invite students from the course.
Recordings can be saved as long as necessary. Recordings are saved for two weeks.
Students cannot create meetings in course groups. Students can create meetings in course groups. Group members can automatically invite the group members to the meeting.
Available on mobile devices. Not available on mobile devices.
Meetings are not automatically added to the course calendar. Meetings are added to the course calendar. Notifications at the top of the Canvas screen indicate that a meeting is happening.


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