Penn State Chat - Supported Clients

This article describes how to verify version of installed chat clients and provide links to downloaded Penn State supported chat clients.

Penn State Chat supports the following clients. Other clients may function properly but have not been tested by Penn State Chat service providers.

Adium version 1.5.10 and higher (Platform: OS X)

  1. Launch Adium
  2. Select the Adium menu
  3. Click About Adium
  4. Version and release date are displayed in pop-up window

To download Adium, visit their homepage:

Messages version 8.0 and higher (Platform: OS X)

  1. Launch Messages
  2. Select the Messages menu
  3. Click About Messages
  4. Version is displayed in pop-up window

Messages is part of the Apple OS X operating system. For additional information on Messages, visit their homepage:

Pidgin version 2.10.12 and higher (Platform: Windows and Linux)

  1. Launch Pidgin
  2. From file menu, select Help, About
  3. Version is displayed in pop-up window

To download Pidgin, visit their homepage:

Boogie Chat version 2.0 and higher (Platform: Apple iOS)

  1. Launch Boogie Chat
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Boogie Chat ABOUT
  4. Version is displayed on the page

Boogie Chat is available in the Apple App Store.

Thunderbird version (Platform: Linux)

There are 2 options:

  1. Open Thunderbird
  2. Click the hamburger (it looks like 3 parallel bars)
  3. Select the Help Menu
  4. Choose About Thunderbird

To download Thunderbird, visit their website at .


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