Windows Client - Enable Saving Password

Please note that Penn State recommends not saving your password, as this is more secure, and the user retains all responsibility for enabling password saving. By default, the wireless client on Windows will not save passwords.

In order to enable password saving in the Windows wireless client, please do the following:

1. Right click the SecureW2 notification icon in your system tray (area near clock in lower right hand corner of screen):

2. Click Configuration manager

3. Click Yes if asked

4. Choose Penn-State-Wireless from the Profile drop down menu

5. Click Configure

6. Click the User Account tab

7. Click the Advanced button

8. Uncheck the box next to Disable save user credentials

9. Click Okay twice

10. Connect to psu wireless and enter your userID and password, ensuring to check the box next to Save user credentials.

Now your login information should be saved and you should not have to reenter it when switching wireless networks.

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