Wireless Connectivity Issues

As an initial step, connect to “psuwirelesssetup” and then visit wireless.psu.edu/joinnow to reconfigure wireless settings. If this is not successful, please perform the following:


For resolving wireless connectivity issues for Windows:

1. Log into the administrator account
2. Run “certmgr.msc”
3. Look under the folder "Trusted Root Authorities" -> sub folder “Certificates"
4. Right click the "USERTrust RSA Certification Authority" certificate with an "Expiration Date" of "1/18/2038”
5. Choose “Delete
6. Attempt to connect to “PSU" wireless again


For resolving wireless connectivity issues for Macs:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Select Profiles
  3. On the left side under “Device Profiles” select “Penn-State-Wireless…”
  4. Press the minus sign on the bottom left of the screen
  5. Close System Preferences
  6. Connect to the wireless network called, “psuwirelesssetup”
  7. Once connected, open a browser and go to wireless.psu.edu
  8. Click on “Penn State Wireless”
  9. Click on the text “Get set up for Penn State Wireless.”
  10. Click the "Click Here for Instructions" button
  11. Choose the correct file (psu)
  12. Double click to install the profile

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