1. Go to the website:

2. Click on the links below according to your affiliation


3. Login using your Access ID Credentials: 


4. The following products are available for download:


5. When a product is selected, add it to your cart:


6. When the License confirmation appears, enter your Penn State or Penn College Student ID (abc123) in the Username field, then your First and Last Name in the Signature field to acknowledge acceptance of the terms and conditions and select I Accept


7. You will be asked to complete a short survey. Click next after you answer.


8. You will need to complete all contact information. Select Proceed With Order


9. Select Start Download:
Please make a note of your Product Key.  You’ll need this during installation.


10. Select the appropriate version of Microsoft Office for your operating system and select Start Download:


11. Follow the instructions for downloading and installing your software. Please refer to Kivuto’s guide for their Software Download Manager:


12. Once you have accepted the download terms and conditions, you will have access to your product key and download file(s) for 31 days. Please backup the download file(s) and save your product key information in case you need them in the future (to transfer the software to a different machine, restore it after a crash, etc.). Penn State is NOT responsible for lost product keys or the downloaded files.


13. To activate your Office Product please enter the code by clicking the link “Enter a product key instead”.

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