Wireless – Blocked

If your access account has been blocked from accessing the Penn State wireless network, you will need to take action to remediate the cause of the block. Once your account has been flagged for blocking, you will automatically be sent an email. The email documents three steps the you will need to take in order for your account to be unblocked.

You will need to:

• Format the hard drive and re-install the Operating System
• Install any available security updates
• Install antivirus software (available online at downloads.its.psu.edu)

You will need to complete the form provided in the email and once those steps are complete, you will be able to unblock your account yourself at https://servicedesk.css.psu.edu/wireless/.

If you need assistance using the online tool, you can get help by calling the IT Service Desk at 814-865-4357.

I don't know how to rebuild my machine. Can you help?

If you are having issues rebuilding your machine or installing the operator system please contact the following:

• If you are located in the dorms at University Park please contact ResCom for assistance:


• If you are not in dorms, but are a student at University Park please go to the Knowledge

Commons located on the first floor of Pattee Library. For hours of operation please visit:


• Other campuses have staff that will help rebuild machines. Please see your campus' IT group for assistance in rebuilding your machine.

• Otherwise, you will need to get help from a friend or at a commercial place of business.


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