Use MobileMail to Access Course Mail

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The MobileMail tool allows students and instructors to correspond with each other more easily on a mobile device. It provides a more streamlined interface for mobile emailing within ANGEL. To access the MobileMail tool:

  1.  Go to either the My Profile page or to the course Communicate tab.
  2.  Within the Course Mail component, select the Try our new MobileMail link.

Select the Try our new MobileMail link in the Course Mail component.

Within the MobileMail component, you can easily view and respond to course email on a mobile device. The options in MobileMail are Drafts, Inbox, Sent, and Trash.

MobileMail component

  •   Drafts: Allows users to view, read, and complete draft mail messages
  •   Inbox: Allows users to view, read, and compose mail messages
  •   Sent: Allows users to view mail sent to course recipients
  •   Trash: Allows users to view mail that has been deleted, and moved to Trash

Note: The mail available within ANGEL is not the same as a Penn State Access Account or any other Internet email account. Mail sent within the ANGEL mail system resides in ANGEL only unless it has been forwarded. To reply to an ANGEL mail message, you must log on to ANGEL.


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