CRCS Quick-Start Guide

Curriculum Review and Consultation System Home Page

If you are new to the Curriculum Review and Consultation System (CRCS), this guide provides useful tips to navigate the system. The image below illustrates the main area of the CRCS home page.

Screen capture of Curriculum Review and Consultation System home page.
CRCS home page

My Proposals

The first section, My Proposals, lists proposals that you have created. This includes proposals that are in the process of completion or that have been submitted and are awaiting review. Select a Proposal ID or Designation of Program to edit a proposal. To the left of each proposal are icons providing additional options including reviewing the proposal's history, deleting the proposal, printing the proposal, or viewing related college administrators for the proposal. Each proposal’s ID number, designation, and description are displayed. To the right of the description is the Workflow Status. Hover over the i icon to reveal a proposal’s current status and the number of days it has remained at that status. The workflow status allows users to identify the person to contact if the proposal has any issues.

Requests For My Consultation

Below the My Proposals section is the Requests For My Consultation section listing proposals that have been sent for your review. This section, as well as the others, can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the small square to the left of the section heading. To review a proposal, select the proposal's ID or Designation link. A form will display where you can concur or not with the proposal. Each consultation request listing displays the Consultation Type, Sender, and Recipient.

My Review History

The last section is My Review History. Proposals that require your consultation and have been reviewed will be listed in this section. Proposals here are usually finalized and do not require further processing. To the left of each listing are icons providing options to review a proposal's history,  view the concurring process, hide the proposal history, or print the proposal history for future reference. Expand a proposal’s history by clicking the Concur button, or by clicking the Proposal ID and Designation for more options.

Navigation Pane

In the upper left of the CRCS home page is a navigation pane. When you are on any CRCS screen, you can select the Home link to return to the home page. Below this is the Proposals link. Hover over or select this link to display a menu with options to create a proposal, view proposals you have created, or search for a proposal. The Tools link is used to access the tools available for you to manage college administrative members, manage consultation groups, edit your account, or to find a proposal. If you need help with the system, select the Help link. There you can find the system’s icon legend, or submit a Help Request form. Select Log Out to log out of the CRCS. Below the Log Out link is the Accessibility Mode link. Select this link to switch to accessibility mode for easier navigation of the site.

CRCS Navigation pane
CRCS navigation pane

Things You Might Be Looking For

Table describing the functions of commonly used functions in CRCS
To Hover over And then...
Create new proposals to add, change or drop a major, minor, course, credit certificate, non-credit certificate, or non-credit course; view proposals that you have created Proposals Click either Create Proposal or My Proposals
Find a specific proposal that you have created Tools Click Find a Proposal and enter the keyword, college, or degree level offered to search for the proposal. The results will be displayed below the search fields.
Check the life cycle of a proposal, or to view which stage a proposal has been approved Workflow Status The information will be displayed once the cursor is hovering over the i icon.
Manage your consultation group, and view the members in your consultation group Tools Click Consultation Groups to view what consultation group you belong to, and to view the members in the group.
Find what the different system icons mean Help The help section contains the system Icon Legend that will help in navigating the site. If more help is required, access the help form.


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