Accessing Messages from the SMTP Notification

  1. From your email client open the SMTP notification.
    • If you are not logged into WebAccess you will be redirected to that page for login.
    • Log into WebAccess with your Penn State Access ID credentials.
    • You will be redirected to the Self-Service VoIP Phone and Voicemail Inbox
  2. Self-Service VoIP Phone and Voicemail Inbox.
    • New messages are shown as New in the left column.
    • They will be marked Old once they are listened to.
    • They can be marked back to New if needed by toggling the New/Old button, for that message.
  3. Listen to a message by clicking the Play link.
  4. Delete messages by clicking the Delete button.

NOTE: If you experience any troubles accessing and using this web interface, contact TNS Network Operations Center ( at 865-4662, or via email at

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