How to use the UCS Template Zimlet

  1. Open the UCS Web Client (
  2. Click the Preferences Tab
  3. Select the Zimlets option in the Overview Pane
  4. Select "Email Templates"
  5. Press Save
  6. If a warning box appears to restart the UCS Web application, press the "Yes" button
  7. Click the Mail Tab
  8. Click on the Gears icon in the Overview Pane
  9. Select the "New Folder" option
  10. Set the folder name to be "Templates"
  11. Press "OK"
  12. Select "New Message" in the Overview Pane
  13. Click the "Templates" button
  14. Choose the "Preferences" option
  15. Click "Set Templates Folder" button
  16. Select the Templates folder
  17. Press "OK"
  18. Press "OK"
  19. If a warning box appears, press the "Yes" button
  20. Select "New Message" in the Overview Pane
  21. Insert your e-mail address (, where userid is your Penn State Access Account User ID) in the To: box
  22. Compose the template text in the body of the e-mail. Subject can also be inserted now as well. You can use the "generic names" technique to replace common words. Just before inserting the template text, the Zimlet will alert you to replace specific fields you choose. For example: You could have hi ${firstName} in the body or in the subject. Generic Name Rules:
  • The name of the generic word can only contain letters, numbers and underscore. For example: ${firstName}, ${first123}, or ${First_Name}
  • The generic names are case sensitive. For example:${firstName} and ${FIRSTNAME} are considered different
  1. Press "Send"
  2. Click the Mail Tab
  3. Select the message you just sent to yourself
  4. Click the "move selected item(s)" button


  1. Select the Templates folder
  2. Click the Mail Tab
  3. Select "New Message" in the Overview Pane
  4. Click on "Templates" button and hover over the template you wish to use
  5. Select which option you want to insert from selections window

  • (body only) will only insert the body template text
  • (body and subject) will only insert the body and subject template texts
  • (body, subject and participants) will insert the body and subject template texts along with any e-mail addresses in the To: field as defined in the template

         *NOTE - If you used "generic names" the Zimlet will prompt you to insert text into those specific fields at this time.*

  1. Press "OK"
  2. Insert e-mail addresses into the To: field if this was not already completed in step #31
  3. Press "Send"

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