How to mount a UCS Special Shared Resource (SSR) after the SSR and alias are provisioned by ITS

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UCS Desktop and Web Clients

Mount your SSR
Use the following ABC instructions to discover and mount your University Collaborative Suite (UCS) Special Shared Resources (SSR).

Note: Everyone who wants to use the SSR should be added to the UMG of the SSR via . All users should use the ABC instructions to mount the SSR.

A: Discover and mount SSR

  1. Log on to the UCS Web client
  2. For the the UCS Desktop, click on Find Shares... For the Web client, right-click on Folders and click Find Shares in the Mail tab Overview pane
  3. Type in the full address of the SSR (example: )
  4. Select All Applications
  5. Click on Search
  6. Select the top / root folder
  7. Click on Add
  8. Click on the Mail Tab
  9. Confirm that your SSR is located in the Overview pane

B: Setup a Persona in the UCS Web client

  1. Click on Preferences
  2. Accounts
  3. Add Persona
  4. Enter the Name of the SSR
  5. Email address should be (the alias
  6. Check Reply to
  7. Enter the SSR Name
  8. Enter the alias
  9. Check use this persona when replying...
  10. Enter the alias
  11. Save

C: Create an Outgoing Filter in the UCS Web client for your SSR (this will keep all sent email into the sent folder of the SSR).

  1. Click on Preferences
  2. Filters
  3. Outgoing message filters
  4. Create Filter
  5. Enter the filter name (this can be the name of your SSR - Sent)
  6. Click on Subject and * Select - From
  7. Click on March Exactly and Select - Contains
  8. Enter the alias for your SSR (
  9. Select - all
  10. Click on the Plus sign to add a new rule
  11. Click on March Exactly and * Select - From
  12. Click on March Exactly and * Select - Contains
  13. Enter the resource full address for your SSR (
  14. Under Perform the following actions, * Select - Move into folder
  15. Browse
  16. Locate the SSR and expand it, then * Select the Sent folder under the SSR
  17. OK
  18. Save

Do a test and confirm that your settings are correct and * remember to select the SSR from the From field when composing email as the SSR. Let us know if you need further assistance.


Service Now Article: KB0010563

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