Advanced Search- An advanced search allows you to use structured queries to search for JIRA issues.

Component- A project component is a logical grouping of issues within a project. Each project may consist of various components or none. An issue can belong to zero, one, or multiple components within a project. (E.g. A website enhancement request system might consist of components called "Product", "Contact US").

Dashboard- First page you see after logging in to JIRA. Dashboards provide the ability to display summary information about project or issue data through the use of gadgets.

Filter- Is a saved search result.

Gadget- Can be added to the dashboard providing a central location for project and issue data. Each gadget can be configured to display custom data relevant to a particular user. Data is determined by using filters.

Issue- A ticket in JIRA. An issue could also represent a: software bug, project task, helpdesk ticket, leave request form.

Issue Collector- Allows you to easily gather and embed a JIRA feedback form into your own web site.

Issue Navigator- Allows you to search through issues in JIRA. Displays the search results from an issue filter, quick search, or an advanced search.

Labels- Are key words or tags that you can add to pages, blog posts and attachments.

Layouts- Are optional displays to view information in your dashboard.

Notifications- Are email alerts for various events that happen throughout the lifecycle of the project and issue.

Project- A JIRA project is a collection of issues. A JIRA project could be: a software development project, a helpdesk system. Every issue belongs to a project. Each project has a name (E.g. Website Issues) and a key (E.g. WEB). The project key becomes the first part of that project's issue keys. (E.g. WEB-101).

Quick Search- Allows you to jump to an issue by typing in a keyword or project key and issue number.

Road Map- Provides an overview of progress made towards releasing a version and shows issues scheduled for the next ten unreleased versions.

Saved Search- Is called a filter.

Template- Pre developed layout display with fields.

Ticket- An issue in JIRA.

User Profile- Is where you can update your name, email address, create an avatar, set preferences, and view group roles.

Workflow- Is the process movement of an issue through various statuses during its lifecycle.