UCS: Special Shared Resources

Definition of a UCS Special Shared Resource (SSR):

A UCS SSR can be used different ways, but it is essentially a mail resource that is meant to be shared among one or many users.  It is what some departments are using as a ‘departmental alias’ to accept email addressed to department entities such as helpdesk, information, or request help.

An SSR does not violate our security policies as none of the authorized members of the resource have knowledge of the resource credentials and therefore cannot authenticate solely as the resource.  It is always tied to a user at some level.

From the outside in, an SSR is an @psu.edu address that is directed to a UCS mail store shared to members of a UMG.  Other pieces of the mail store are shared as well and can be used by its members.

Necessary Information for Requesting an SSR:







This UMG controls the membership to the resource; MUST BE ENABLED for UCS



Actual account name of resource – fully qualified name will be myresource@resources.ucs.psu.edu

Resource display name

My Departments  Resource

This is the descriptive name that will be associated with the resource

Contact person for Resource


Can be one or more people; contact person for any questions about resource creation

Alias **


This is the public facing contact; will be myresource@psu.edu when created

(Note * This must be no more than 16 characters long, no symbols except for dashes ( - ))

Alias common name

My Resource

This is the common name found in LDAP for this alias, and is a more descriptive name

Responsible Party for Alias


Can only be one person – they will be responsible for any changes to alias

 * UMG must be enabled in UCS (checkbox on UMG creation tool) and be a functional group; built by the requestor

 ** Alias names are restricted to 16 or less alphanumeric characters and dashes ONLY and cannot look like a userid – xyz123@psu.edu or bob@psu.edu for example

 Example Request for SSR (send directly to servicedesk@psu.edu ):

Email your request directly to itservicedesk@psu.edu, with all the information below supplied, in the order shown.  Once the process has been completed you will be contacted with information on how to discover and use your SSR(s).

Resource: myresource
                Display Name: My Departments  Resource
                UMG: umg/campus.department.myresource  (Note* A functional must be created enabled in UCS on https://umg.its.psu.edu/index.cgi )
                Contact person for resource: xyz123
                Alias: myresource  (Note * This must be no more than 16 characters long, no symbols except for dashes ( - ))
                Alias common name: My Resource
                Responsible party for alias: xyz123


Workflow for an SSR to be created (for internal reference only):

1.       UMG created by requester and enabled in UCS (checkbox in UMG creation tool) - https://umg.its.psu.edu

2.       Resource account created in UCS by UCS third level (AIT), shared to UMG

3.       Alias created by Accounts and pointed to UCS resource

4.       User discovers share in UCS web client and accepts (Preferences, Sharing, second radio button ‘Show folders shared with me by the following user: myresource@resources.ucs.psu.edu’)

5.       Accept the share for the root ‘/’, or any single share you desire.

6.       Outlook users only – follow steps 4 and 5 first, then in Outlook click on UCS tab, the Share Status; find share in list and ‘mount’ by checking box)




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