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As the next version of the data warehouse and EIS, Institutional Insight (iTwo) will improve the way Penn State decision-makers can look at and manipulate institutional data. It will bring together previously disparate and hard-to-connect information and facilitate data-driven decisions.

iTwo is accessed through the web using Internet Explorer or Firefox and the Access ID. The manipulation and joining of the data is done on the server to create pre-packaged models that make it easier for users to get the information they need. They simply have to understand their data.


Example financial chart


In 200506, interviews were conducted across Penn State to determine the capabilities that decision-makers needed. This information led to the purchase of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition in June, 2009.


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For general questions about iTwo, please contact us at biteam@psu.edu.


iTwo Reporting and Visualization Examples

Student Enrollment: Table 1 - Full/Part Time by Degree Types

Degree enrollments by full and part-time


Area charts created within Analysis:  Undergraduate Degree Groupings by Campus Grouping


A line/bar chart created within Analysis Financial Information:
3-Year Trend for Equipment Expenditures

Residency status of UP undergrads

chart of expenses over 3 fiscal  years  


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