Symantec Endpoint Protection Scan (Mac)

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Running a Full Scan

1. In the upper-right taskbar (near the time), you'll see a yellow and black symantec icon. Click on it

Click on Symantec Icon

2. Navigate to "Symantec Endpoint Protection", and select "Open Symantec Endpoint Protection"

Open Symantec

3. Once Symantec Endpoint Protection opens, check the date on your Virus Definitions File. If it is older than two days ago, click on the "LiveUpdate" button. If it is current, skip to step 5.

SEP Opens

4. After clicking the "LiveUpdate" button, LiveUpdate will run and update your virus definitions file. Once the LiveUpdate screen disappears, your definitions will be up to date, and you can run a scan.

LiveUpdate runs

5. There are two ways to start a scan. Either press the "Scan" button, or go to top bar, and select "file -> scan" (see picture on step 3). Before the scan starts, it will ask you which areas you would like to scan. To run a FULL scan, click on "Macintosh HD" and hit "select".

Select Macintosh HD

6. The scan will begin, and prompt you if it finds any infections. If you find an infection that you are unsure about, contact the IT Service Desk at (814)863-2494 for assistance.


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