Symantec Endpoint Protection (Mac)

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Installing the Software from the Web (download)

1. Navigate to, and download Symantec AntiVirus.

2. Double click on the Symantec_Endpoint_Protection.dmg file that you just downloaded to open the installer.

3. Double click on Symantec Endpoint Protection.mpkg file to start the installer. Follow instructions 2 - 7 under Installing the Software from the CD.

Installing the Software from the CD

1. If installing from the CD, insert the CD into the drive, and open the Symantec Endpoint Protection folder:

Open the Symantec Folder

Then, double click on Symantec Endpoint Protection.mpkg file.

Double-Click on Symantec Endpoint

2. When the installer opens, an alert may pop up. Hit continue, then hit continue again in the lower right-hand corner

Hit Continue

3. Accept the license terms by hitting "continue", then by hitting "agree"

hit Agree

4. Choose your Macintosh HD as the location to install the software, then hit "continue"

Choose Macintosh HD

5. Click the "install" button. If a prompt appears asking for your username and password, enter it. This will be the username and password for your local machine, not your NetID and Password

Enter your password

6. Hit "continue installation" if prompted. This will close other programs, and log you out of your computer once the installation is complete.

Hit continue

7. Once the installation completes, hit "log out" to log out of your computer. Once you log back in, the program should be installed and fully functional

Installation complete

Running a Scan

For information on running a scan with Symantec Endpoint Protection, see Symantec Endpoint Protection - Running a Scan


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