Changing your Penn State email address (alias)


The alias allows you to create a different address that others may use to send email and
will default to the value in the userid field. In other words, if your userid is xyz123, and
you choose the alias "xxx", then mail sent to will work exactly the same as
mail sent to
Please note the following information:
  • Changing the alias does not change your Penn State Access Account user ID.
  • Changing the alias does not replace your Penn State Access Account user ID which is required for logging in and checking email, using eLion and/or using ANGEL.
  • Changing your email address to an alias is not the same as forwarding your email to another email address.
You may change the alias entry to any unique value. This means that it may not be
an alias that someone else has already selected, and it cannot be a part of a name or
nickname that someone else has (such as a first name or last name by itself). It also
cannot be a user ID that someone else has been assigned or a reserved system name
like root, system, or security. You cannot select an alias that adheres to the format of a
potential user ID, whether or not that user ID is currently assigned. Changing the alias
field will change the Send_Email_To field accordingly. If you attempt to use an alias
that is not unique, the system will not process the change.
In order to change your email alias follow these steps:
2. If you are not logged in with WebAccess, authenticate using your Penn State Access
Account user id and password .
3. Under Other Directory Information in the center of the screen, click on Add/Change
Other Directory Information.
4. In the Alternate email ID field, change the entry to an alias you like. Remember this should be unique on PSU domain. If it is not unique the change will not be
updated and you will get an error message. You can have up to 3 aliases.
5. Scroll down the page and click on Save Changes.
If the alias change has been accepted you will see a successful message. Otherwise try with a different alias entry.


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