Alternatives for CBS Cluster

The CBS Cluster was a collection of computer systems, manufactured by Sun Microsystems, running Solaris. The tool for research and instructional use was discontinued from service on July 3, 2012.

Penn State students, faculty, and staff wishing to use a UNIX or Linux system for research or instruction may use one of the following as an alternative to the CBS Cluster:

  • RS6KLAB (ssh to *System runs AIX and utilizes PASS space. Changes to the shell may be required.
  • Offerings from Classroom and Lab Computing (ssh to *Information and downloads can be found at
  • HPC Systems through ITS Research Computing and Cyberinfrastructure. * Systems available through

Virtualization software may also be used on a personal desktop to operate a UNIX or Linux system.  Users can select any software of their choosing (vendor features and requirements vary):

For those in need of an operating system closer to Solaris:


It is also recommended for users to check with a local, or college IT staff for specific resource details.


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