UCS: Importing 3rd Party E-mail into UCS Desktop Client

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Desktop Client

The following instructions will help users add their 3rd party e-mail account (Gmail and Yahoo!) into the UCS Desktop Client and will not appear in the UCS Web Client.

Please note that these instructions will not work in the UCS Web Client.

  1. Launch the UCS Desktop client.
  2. Click on Setup button.
  3. Click on the Add New Account tab.
  4. Select the 3rd Party e-mail provider you want to add into UCS (Gmail or Yahoo!) from drop down select menu.
  5. Enter any name you want into the Account name field.
  6. Insert your name in the Full Name field.
  7. Type in your e-mail address into the Email Address field. (example: userid@gmail.com
  8. or userid@yahoo.com)
  9. Enter your Gmail or Yahoo e-mail password into the Password field.
  10. Select how often you want UCS to check your Gmail or Yahoo! account. (if you choose manual, account will not sync until you hit send and receive mail button while in that account)
  11. Check which features you wish to UCS to sync for you.
  12. Click the "Validate and Save" button.
  13. Successful validation brings you back to the "My Accounts" tab.
  14. Click "Launch Desktop".
  15. Client defaults to opening in new "All Mailboxes" category in Mail tab; has all the default folders from all accounts populated with all mail.
  16. There is a new column in this category just before "Received" which contains an icon to show from which account the message is received.
  17. The "Preferences" tab now has your 3rd Party e-mail account as a separate entry. Things like signatures, personas, filters, address book, etc. can be changed in the Preferences Tab
  18. Other changes like syncing features and changing checking interval can be made in "Setup", and clicking "edit" next to account

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