UCS: Importing Eudora Mail into UCS

The IMAP protocol is not supported by Eudora. The following instructions requires use of another e-mail client, Thunderbird, as a bridge to upload e-mail from Eudora to the UCS mail servers.

1. Open Eudora.
2. Remove any messages that you do wish to keep.
3. Select the File menu.
4. Choose the option, "Compact Folders".
5. Exit Eudora.
6. Download Thunderbird from https://downloads.its.psu.edu.
7. Install Thunderbird.
8. Click on the Tools menu.
9. Choose the option, "Import".
10. Select Mail and follow the on-screen directions to import your mail.
    Note: The import may take a long time to complete. This is directly related to how much mail you are importing. All of your folders from Eudora should appear on the left side of your Thunderbird window.
11. Click on the Tools menu.
12. Choose the option, "Account Settings".
13. Select "Add Account".
14. Set up a new account for UCS on Thunderbird. (for additional information on how to complete this step, please reference the following KB article starting at step 5: http://kb.its.psu.edu/article/1648)
15. Right click on your UCS new account.
16. Select "New Folder" from the menu. (The folder that you create during this step will be displayed in your UCS account. The names of the folders are only important for your own organization).
17. Click on a message in a folder to select it.
18. Select all messages in a specific folder.
19. Right click on a message inside of your selection.
20. Select the option, "Copy To".
21. Choose the corresponding folder and all selected messages will be copied to the new folder.
22. Repeat steps 15-21 for all of your folders that you want to copy to your UCS account.
23. All of your mail from Eudora should now be available for use with UCS via any supported client. Please note that you do not have to use Thunderbird to access your UCS account. You are now able to log into the UCS web client, https://ucs.psu.edu, and your Eudora mail should be present.

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