UCS: Windows Phone Settings

1. Open the Settings menu.

2. Select "email+accounts"

3. Select "add an account"

4. Select "advanced setup"

5. Next you will need to enter your account information:

    a. Email address: userid@psu.edu (example: xyz5000@psu.edu)

    b. Password: This is your Penn State Access Account Password

6. Click "next"

7. Choose "Exchange ActiveSync"

8. "User name" is your Penn State Access Account user ID

9. Enter "Domain" as psu.edu

10. Enter "Server" as ucs.psu.edu

11. Check the box labeled "Server requires encrypted (SSL) connection

12. "Account name" can be anything you would. This is how the account will be displayed on your phone.

13. Set "Download new content" to "as items arrive" to receive your mail quickly. If you would like to conserve power you may select one of the other options from the drop down menu.

14. Set "Download email from" depending on how much of your mail you would like to migrate to your phone. If you would like to have all of your mail available on the phone, then select "any time" from the drop down menu.

15. Check the boxes next to "Email", "Contacts", "Calendar", and "Tasks" according to the content that you would like to sync with your phone.

16. Click "sign in"

17. Allow the phone to sync with the UCS server. This will take several minutes (depending on how much you chose to synchronize) and will require an active data connection.

Default Sync Settings

Default mail sync is set to 3 days.

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