UCS: Exporting and Importing iCal Calendars

Prerequisite: You have an existing iCal calendar and a new UCS iCal calendar and you want the data from your old iCal merged into your UCS calendar.

1. If you have not already set up your UCS calendar in iCal, then please reference the following KB Article: http://kb.its.psu.edu/article/1649
2. Open iCal.
3. Click on your old calendar.
4. Select the File menu.
5. Choose Export.
6. Click on the option, "Export".
7. In the "Save As" box, verify that you see your old calendar name.
8. In the "Where" box, choose a location to save the exported calendar.
9. Click the Export button.
10. Click on the new UCS calendar account.
11. Select the File menu.
12. Choose Import.
13. Click on the option, "Import".
14. Navigate to the file you exported in step 9.
15. Click the "Import" button.
16. Confirm in 'Add events' window that destination calendar is your UCS calendar. (should be called just 'calendar')
17. Click OK.

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