X-PSU-Spam-Level: Creating a Filter in Outlook 2011

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  1. Click Outlook on the upper right corner.
  2. Choose Preferences.
  3. Click Rules.
  4. Click +, Add a rule.
  5. Type X-PSU-Spam-Level as Rule Name.
  6. Under When a message is sent, choose If any conditions are met, From, Contains.
  7. In the last box, type * (asterisk). Please note you may type a variable number of asterisks (from * to **********) based on the filtering aggressiveness you would like.
  8. Under Do the following, choose Move Message, Choose Folder…
  9. Type Junk and Choose Junk folder if there is already one.

    Note: If there is no Junk folder, please do the following:

    o   Press down control on your keyboard, click on your email account on the left

    o   Click New Folder.

    o   Type Junk for Untitled Folder

  10. Uncheck Do not apply other rules to messages that meet these conditions.
  11. Make sure Enabled is checked.
  12. Click OK.

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