UCS: White Listing your Contact List

You can now customize UCS to use your contacts list as a "white list."  By doing this, irrespective of the spam score assigned, e-mails from your contacts will not be moved to your Junk folder - they will stay in your Inbox. To do this you need to alter the spam filters in UCS.  

1. Log in to the UCS Web client (https://ucs.psu.edu)
2. Click on the Preferences Tab.
3. On the left menu, select Filters.
4. Select any of the filters labeled Spam Control: Level x where x is a number 1-5. 
5. Click the Edit Filter button.
6. Directly under the Filter Name, click on the drop down box and choose All.
7. Click on the green plus sign in the rule box.
8. Select the drop down box where it says Subject and choose the Address in phrase.
9. Next, verify that "From" is displayed in the drop down menu next to the "Address in."
10. Click on the drop down box 3rd from the left, with the words in and select the phrase not in.
11. Verify that "My Contacts" is displayed in the last drop-down menu.
12. Press the OK button. 
13. Repeat steps 4-11 for all five spam control filters (Level 1, Level 2 ... Level 5)

The second rule in the screen capture (below) is the one you'll need to add to your filters to ensure that e-mail from addresses in your contacts list will stay in your Inbox.

To add an e-mail address to your contacts/address book, right click on their name in the from line and choose "Add to Contacts" from the drop down list that is presented.

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