Spam Quarantine: FAQ

1.) I use a departmental/college/campus/Unit server for my e-mail, how will this new SPAM filter affect me?

A: You will only see the benefits of the SPAM scoring update which will lead to less false-positives being scored as SPAM. If you have further questions on how your e-mail server processes SPAM scored by Penn State, please contact your local IT staff.

2.) I use the University Collaboration Suite (UCS) for my e-mail. How will I be affected?

A: UCS users will see the benefits of the spam scoring update which will lead to less false positives appearing in the UCS junk folders. E-mail in the UCS junk folder is already purging messages older than 30 days, which has been the case since UCS came into existance.

3.) I check my Penn State e-mail through a non-Penn State email address (such as GMail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc…). Why do I have to go to a separate page to view my spam messages, can't those messages just be forwarded onto my other e-mail address?

A: Penn State is not able to forward messages scored as spam to a non-Penn State e-mail address because those clients (such as GMail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL, Comcast, etc…) will see spam messages being forwarded by Penn State and view the University as a spammer. Some of the sites will block all Penn Staters from sending e-mail to those non-PSU e-mail clients.  If ITS turns this feature off, Penn Staters may be affected by the block. Many 3rd party spam filters quarantine spam messages, requiring users to go to a separate location to review any spam messages.

4.) Why can't the e-mail server inform me of when I have spam messages that I need to go check?

A: This is something that is coming soon after ITS implements the new SPAM Quarantine system.

5.) The SPAM scoring at Penn State doesn't work. How do I opt-out?

A: SPAM Mitigation requires daily maintenance to be done well. As ITS updates new methods to score e-mail as SPAM, spammers come up with new ways to avoid the University's filters. ITS is always updating the SPAM mitigation system that greatly improves the accuracy of the SPAM scoring with the intent of minimizing the false positives and increasing the ability to catch more SPAM.

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