Mac Mail: IMAP Configuration

These instructions work for Mac Mail version 5

1. Open Mac Mail. 

  • NOTE: If Mac Mail is NOT your default mail client, a Welcome to Mac Mail Wizard will immediately appear, and you can start these instructions at step 4. If you have used Mac Mail before, please continue to step 2.

2. Click File.
3. Click Add Account.
4. In the Welcome/Add Account screen, add the following:

  • Full Name: Add the name to appear on this account.  
  • Email Address: (Ex.
  • Password:  Access Account ID password.

5. Click Continue.
6. In the Incoming Server Screen, add the following:

  • Account Type: IMAP
  • Description: IMAP
  • Incoming Mail Server:
  • User Name: Access Account ID (Ex. xyz123).
  • Password: Access Account ID password.

7. Click Continue.
8. In the Outgoing Mail Server screen, add the following:

  • Description: [optional]
  • Outgoing Mail Server:
  • Use only this server should be checked
  • Use Authentication should be checked
  • User Name: Access Account ID (Ex. xyz123).
  • Password: Access Account ID password.

11. Click Continue.
12. This is the Account Summary Screen.

  • Double check all the information to make sure it is correct.
  • Take Account Online should be checked.

13. Click Create.
14. Now that the account is created we will turn off IDLE which isn't selectable during account creation.
15. With Mac Mail open, Click Mail on the toolbar.
16. Click on Preferences.
17. Click the Accounts Tab.
18. Click Advanced.
19. Uncheck the box labeled Use IDLE command if the server supports it.

NOTE: Under the IMAP inbox, two grayed out folders called .mailbox and .mlbxlsttmpp may appear.  These are system files. Under no circumstances should they be edited or changed. Editing these files could result in the loss of all mail data.


Service Now Article: KB0010055

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