Recording Views

To obtain the number of views of a recording, follow the steps listed below:


Note: For reference, the connect users website URL describing this process:


1.     Go to and login to Web Access using your PSU User ID and Password.
2.     Go to your meeting space listings
3.     Select a meeting space
4.     Go to the meeting space recordings listing
5.     Select a name of a recording
6.     Once a recording is selected, go to the browser line:…..  and look for the sco-id= section.


The following is a meeting recording URL example:

7.     Take the sco-id number that is listed and insert it into the following URL:{sco-id here}

Resulting URL:

8.     Enter the above URL and the resulting web page will contain the following:
9.     Look for the views= field and following in “ ” is the number of views for that recording.


Service Now Article: KB0010591

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