Thunderbird: POP3 Configuration

PLEASE READ: Important information regarding “POP3”:

“POP3” by default downloads email from a server to a single computer or device, then deletes it from the server. Because your messages get downloaded to a single computer or device and then deleted from the server, it can appear that mail is missing or disappearing from your Inbox if you try to check your mail from a different computer or device.

It is highly recommended that both parts of this article are followed to ensure a copy of the message is left on the server. This will need to be done on each computer or device you setup via "POP3".

Part 1: Setting up POP:

These instructions work for Thunderbird versions 10+ for both Mac and Windows.

  1. Select the Tools tab.
  2. Select Account Setting.
  3. Add the following:
  4. Your name: Name appears in your account.
  5. Email Address: Ex.
  6. Click Server Settings.
  7. Add the following:
    1. Server name:
    2. Port: 995
    3. User Name: Access Account UserID (Ex. abc5000)
    4. Security Settings: SSL/TLS
    5. Authentication method: Normal Password
  8. Click Outgoing Server.
  9. Add the following:
    1. Server Name:
    2. Port: 587
    3. Connection security: STARTTTLS
    4. Authentication method: Normal Password
    5. User Name: Access Account UserID (Ex. abc5000)
  10. Click Ok.
  11. Click Ok.


Part 2: Leaving a copy of the message on the server:

  1. Click Tools.
  2. Click Account Settings.
  3. Under the account name, click Server Settings.
  4. Select the Leave messages on server check box.

Note: When the check box is cleared, deleted email messages will be permanently removed from the messaging server.

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