Add a Course Member

If you are an instructor or a course editor, you may wish to manually enroll a course member, for example, a teaching assistant or another instructor. You can add anyone who has a valid Penn State Access Account or Friends of Penn State (FPS) account.

Note: Instructors of record and students officially enrolled in the course are automatically added to the course roster by the Registrar database. They do not need to be manually enrolled.

To add a course member to the roster:

  1. Within the course, select the Manage tab.
  2. Select the Roster link beneath the Course Management subheading.

    Select the Roster link.
  3. Select the Add a User link in the subsequent toolbar.

    Select the Add a User link.
  4. Search for the person by entering his or her Penn State Access Account user ID (e.g., xyz123) or Friends of Penn State digital identity (e.g., xyz5000) in the Account Search field, then click the Search button.

    Note: If you do not know the person's user ID, visit and search for the person.

    Note: If no Access Account or Friends of Penn State account exists for the user, select the Create a Guest Account link. Follow the directions on the screen for the person to obtain a Friends of Penn State account, then for you to enroll the person in the course.
  5. When the search results are displayed, click the Select button to the left of the person's name.

    Screen capture.
    Click the Select button next to the name.
  6. On the subsequent Enrollment Settings screen, assign the appropriate Rights, Team Membership and Section Enrollment to the person.

    Note: It is essential to know how a user will interact with the course when assigning user rights.

    For more information, reference the Things to Know about Adding a Course Member help topic.

    For details explaining all the items related to User Settings, please reference the Things to Know about Enrollment Settings help topic.

    Enrollment Settings screen
  7. Select a Title for the person from the pull-down list if you wish. To add a title NOT in the pull-down list, refer to the Assign a Custom Title to a Course Member help topic.

    Note: Assigning a title is merely a useful way for class members to recognize each other's roles in the course. It has absolutely no consequence on how much course content a user can view or edit.
  8. Section Enrollment: If the instructor has merged his or her sections together, you will see a list of choices for selecting a section for the new member. If there is only one section, that section will be checked.
  9. You may choose to notify the person of his/her enrollment by selecting the box next to Notify user of account change by email.

    Note: It is possible to set individual permissions for chat, course mail, or discussion forum activity by selecting the Permissions tab on the Enrollment Settings screen as illustrated below.

    Permissions tab
  10. Click the Save button.

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