Activate a Course

Instructions for activating a course apply only to instructors. Students do not have the capability to activate a course.

If a student does not see a course listed in ANGEL, the instructor may not plan to use ANGEL for the course or has not yet activated the course. Students should contact their instructor if they wish to know whether ANGEL will be used in a particular course.

Note: If a student has just enrolled in a course, there may be a delay of up to one business day before the data from the Registrar updates the ANGEL course roster. At that time, if ANGEL is being used for the course, the course will be listed on the student's My Profile screen.

Courses are Disabled by Default

If you are an instructor of a course according to the Registrar, that course is available to you in ANGEL. As the instructor, you can see the course title on the My Profile page under the My Courses subheading.

By default, the course is disabled, meaning no students can see or enter the course. The course title appears in grey, and the word "Disabled" appears beneath it.

Screen Capture. My Courses, Disabled label highlighted.
Example of a disabled course

You can work in the course while it is disabled, preparing it for student use.

Note: You cannot send ANGEL mail to students from within a disabled course. Although it may appear to you that a message was successfully sent, students cannot view it until the course is activated.

Note: If there are multiple instructors listed by the Registrar for a course, any of them can edit its content or activate it. It is recommended that you coordinate with all instructors of the course to avoid any surprises.

Activating a Course

When you are ready for students to see and enter a course, you must activate it, as follows:

  1. Go to and log on using your Penn State Access Account user ID and password.
  2. On the My Profile page, locate the name of the course you wish to activate under the My Courses subheading.
  3. Select the Settings link beneath the course title, to the immediate right of the word Disabled.

    Screen Capture. My Courses, Settings highlighted
    Select the settings link.

    This will take you to the Course Settings for the course.

  4. On the Access tab, from the Member Access pull-down menu, select All Members.

    Screen Capture. My Courses, Access Tab with All member selected.
    By default, the Member Access pull-down menu is set to Editors Only. Select All Members to activate the course.

  5. Click the Save button.

Note: You will be sent to the My Profile page.

After you activate a course, the course title will no longer appear in grey under My Courses, and the Disabled label will not appear beneath it.

Screen Capture. My Course, the course is active now.
The title of an activated course no longer appears in grey.

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