Supported Browsers and Recommended Computers

Web Browser

The following web browsers are supported for use with ANGEL on a Windows or Mac OS system:

  • Internet Explorer 7 - 10
  • Firefox 3 - 10, or 15 - 18
    • Mozilla has recently committed to a more rapid release schedule with versions of Firefox. Newer versions are being tested as soon as possible. For the best ANGEL experience, it is recommended that you continue to use a fully supported version.
  • Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) 17
  • Chrome 24
  • Safari 6
    • There is currently no support for Safari on a mobile device.

You will need to configure your web browser to accept cookies, display ANGEL pop-up windows, and have JavaScript enabled.

Though you may have success with other browsers, only the browsers listed above as supported are fully tested and certified to work with ANGEL by Penn State and Blackboard, the makers of ANGEL. You may use these browsers with ANGEL at your own risk.

The following browsers are known to have significant incompatibilities with ANGEL and their use is strongly discouraged:

  • Internet Explorer 6 and earlier versions. Blackboard, the company that makes ANGEL, has ceased supporting Internet Explorer 6. You will need to use a supported browser listed above to access ANGEL.

Computer Configuration

The computer you use to access ANGEL should be configured with the following.

  • Hardware: Penn State's ANGEL support does not recommend specific computer hardware configurations. Please check with the department or college of your intended major or the unit you work with for any requirements they may have. You should also confirm that your computer meets or exceeds the requirements for its operating system.
  • Operating system:
  • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or higher
  • Internet access through a high-speed connection (DSL, cable, Penn State backbone), or by a modem no slower than 56.6 kbps. Modem users may have a significantly slower experience than high-speed connection users.

Note: The majority of computers in Penn State Student Computing Labs meet or exceed these requirements. Penn State faculty, students, and staff can download free antivirus software provided by the University. For more information, see

If you have a question about the configuration of a computer maintained by or supplied to you by Penn State, please contact your department information technology specialist or the ITS Help Desk (

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