Enable Student Navigation While Taking an Assessment

The Assessment Navigation option allows students to manage and navigate large assessments. When the instructor makes this option available, students can mark questions for review, sort by questions or answers, and jump to any question. This option works with any of the Display Modes (All at Once, Question Set at a time, Question at a time). The benefit of using the assessment navigation is that students can work through an assessment by answering all the questions they are comfortable with, knowing they will have a convenient option for returning to specific questions they would like to review. Instructors should not use this option in conjunction with disabling the student's ability to backtrack during an assessment.

To enable the assessment navigation option, in the settings area of the assessment:

  1. Select the Interaction tab.
  2. Beneath Display Settings, select the Enable Assessment Navigation check box.

Screen capture. New Assessment Screen. Selected Interaction Tab with selected Enable Assessment Navigation check box.
Select the Enable Assessment Navigation check box.

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