Master Course Request Form

Master Course Information Guide

Please use a short, descriptive name, like CmpSci 203 Master Course. Remember, others will need to locate your master course, so the name should make sense to them. An ANGEL administrator will add the creation date and your userid to this title to ensure it is unique.

If possible, please limit who can access the master course by specifying a particular campus, school, and department. This will reduce the total number of master courses each person can view and help reduce confusion. If you must make this master course available to all people with editor rights in any course, then list "All" for the campus, school, etc.

For example, if you specify DuBois for the campus, then only people at DuBois with editing rights in a course will be able to access your master course:

  • Campus: DuBois
  • School: Engineering
  • Department: Biomechanics (BioM)
  • Course: BioM 204
  • Section: All

In this example, only people at DuBois in the School of Engineering who have editing rights in a course and are teaching BioM 204 will have access to your master course.

Note: Once your Master Course has been created, you may specify additional filters and/or link your Master Course to specific courses using the Manage Tab.

Length of Availability

Master Courses will be archived one year after the last time an editor has entered these repositories. Approximately one month before an inactive Master Course is to be archived, the editors of those repositories will receive an e-mail notification reminding them to access their repositories if they wish to keep them active. Archived repositories will be kept in long term storage for another two years before being permanently deleted.



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