Manually Enroll Group Members

A group leader-the creator of the group or a person to whom the group creator has assigned editor rights-can manually enroll individuals with a Penn State Access Account in the group.

If you have set up your group with the Enroll by PIN or Enroll (no PIN Required) option, Access Account holders can also enroll themselves in the group. If you have not permitted either of those options, then you must manually enroll all members.

You can enroll non-Penn State individuals in a group only if they first obtain a Friends of Penn State (FPS) account (see These individuals must always be manually enrolled by a group leader.

Under no circumstances should you enroll anyone in a group without his/her prior consent.

Enroll Individual with an Access Account

To manually enroll an individual with a Penn State Access Account:

  1. Enter the group by selecting its name on your My Profile page.
  2. Select the Manage tab.
  3. Beneath the Group Management subheading, select the Roster link.

    Screen Capture. Group Management Screen with Selected Roster Option.
    Select the Roster link on the Manage tab.

  4. Select the Add a User link in the toolbar.

    Screen Capture. Roster Editor Screen with Selected Add a User Tab.
    Select the Add a User link.

  5. In the Account Search box, enter the individual's Access Account user ID, e.g., xyz123, last name, or first name.

    Screen Capture. Account Search Screen with Selected Search Button.
    Enter Access Account user ID, last name, or first name.

    Note: If you enter Firstname Lastname or Lastname, Firstname, the results will indicate "There are no matching accounts."

  6. Click the Search button. The name of the user should appear, possibly in a list with others.
  7. Click the Select button by the name of the user you want to enroll in the group.

    Screen Capture. Results of Search for "Learner" Window with Select Button pointed.
    Click the Select button by the appropriate name.

  8. On the Enrollment Settings screen, select the appropriate Rights for the user from the pull-down menu. The default is Member.

    Note: In order to allow the user to add, edit, and delete content items, calendar events, and roster entries, he/she must be assigned Group Editor rights.

    Screen Capture. Enrollment Settings Window with Selected User Settings Option.
    Enrollment Settings screen

  9. Select the appropriate Title for the user from the pull-down menu. The title does not affect which group content the user can view or edit; it is merely a way for members to recognize each other's role in the group.
  10. Click the Save button.

Enroll a Non-Penn State Individual

To enroll a non-Penn State individual in a group:

  1. Instruct the individual to create a free Friends of Penn State (FPS) account at He/she will be given a digital identity, e.g., xyz5001.
  2. That individual must communicate his/her digital identity to you.
  3. Follow the same steps as in the Enroll an Individual with an Access Account section above; however, for step 5, in the Account Search box, you must enter the individual's FPS digital identity.

    Screen Capture. Account Search Box.
    Enter the FPS digital identity in the Account Search box.

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