View the Attendance Manager

There are several ways that you can customize how you view the attendance manager, accessed by selecting the Manage tab, and then selecting the Attendance link beneath the Course Management subheading. You can customize the attendance view through:

  • The Preferences link
  • The Mode: Grid/List link
  • The Sort: Name/Date link

Screen Capture. Attendance Manager Window with selected Preferences Link.
Links to customize view of Attendance Manager

Attendance Manager Preferences Link

The Preferences utility for the Attendance Manager allows instructors, course editors or course assistants to configure which days of the week the Attendance Manager should display.

  • Instructors, course editors/assistants can modify the default attendance codes and labels by replacing the values in the appropriate fields. Click the Save button to save your changes.
  • To reset the Attendance Manager to use the default codes, click the Use Defaults button.

Screen Capture. Attendance Manager Preferences Window.
Attendance Manager Preferences

Mode: Grid/List Link

The Mode selector allows instructors, course editors, or course assistants to toggle between the default calendar-based grid view and a list-based list view.

Sort: Name/Date Link

The Sort selector allows instructors, course editors, or course assistants to alter the grid-based or list-based views to sort by Name, or Date.

Click on the name of a student to view all attendance records and notes for that student.

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