ANGEL Logon Details

Caution: If you have logged off ANGEL and now wish to log back on, you must first close all Web browsers, then open a browser again.

  1. From the pull-down menu on the logon page, select your institutional affiliation. Note: both Penn State Access Accounts and Friends of Penn State Accounts are Penn State affiliates.

    Screen Caputure. Penn State account.
    Select type of account, then click Log On.

  2. Click the Log On button.
  3. If you are not already logged on to a Penn State service using WebAccess (e.g., the Portal or WebMail, the WebAccess login form will display. Enter your Penn State Access Account or FPS account user ID and password.

    Screen Caputure. Userid and Password input.
    WebAccess login form

  4. Click the Login button. Your My Profile page will display.


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