My Tasks

My Tasks is an optional component you can add to your My Profile page. Within the My Tasks component, you can add personal and course-related tasks, which are reminders of to-do items you would like to complete by a certain date. As you complete tasks, you can check them off.

Add My Tasks Component to My Profile

To add the My Tasks component to your My Profile page:

  1. While on your My Profile page, select the Edit Page link in the upper left.
  2. Click the Add Components button.
  3. In the Available Components pop-up window, select the check box next to My Tasks.
  4. Click the Add Selected button.
  5. Click the Save button in the upper right.

Add a Task

To add a task:

  1. On your My Profile page, move the cursor over the My Tasks component, then click the pencil (settings) icon in the title bar.

    Screen Capture. My Tasks title bar.
    Click the pencil (settings) icon in the My Tasks title bar.

  2. Select the Add Task link in the toolbar.

    Screen Capture. Personal Tasks Screen.
    Select the Add Task link.

  3. Enter the task in the Subject text box.

    Screen Capture. Add Personal Task Screen.
    Task Information screen

  4. Optionally enter any additional details about the task in the Body text box.
  5. If it is a personal (non-course-related) task, leave nothing selected from the Course pull-down list. If the task is related to a particular course, select the course name from the list.
  6. Select a Due Date for the task.
  7. Optionally select a priority level from the Priority pull-down menu.
  8. Optionally select a Category from the pull-down list. To create a new category, click the Other button, enter the category in the pop-up window, then click OK.
  9. Click the Save button.

View Tasks

To view your tasks:

  1. On your My Profile page, within the My Tasks component, click the small plus (+) sign next to Personal Tasks or, if you wish to view tasks related to a particular course, click the plus sign next to the name of the course.

    Note: A course name only appears if there is a task associated with that course.

  2. Tasks are sorted by Incomplete and Completed. To list incomplete tasks, click the small plus sign next to Incomplete.

    Screen Capture. My Tasks Screen.
    Click plus sign to display list of tasks

  3. To view the details of a task, select its name.
  4. To mark a task as completed, select the check box to its left.

Notes: It is possible for an instructor to assign course-related tasks to members of the course. These will also be included in the list of tasks for that course.

You can also view and add course-related tasks while you are within a course, on the Tasks panel of the course Guide. However, you cannot view non-course-related tasks or tasks related to other courses in this location.

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