Upload a Syllabus File

If the ANGEL syllabus template does not suit your needs, you can upload an existing syllabus file to the Syllabus tab of an ANGEL course. The file format can be PDF, rich text format (.rtf), plain text (.txt), HTML, Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. To upload an existing syllabus file:

  1. Within the course, select the Syllabus tab.
  2. Select the Syllabus Files link in the toolbar.

    Screen Capture. Syllabus Files link.
    Select the Syllabus Files link.

  3. Select the Add Content link in the subsequent toolbar.

    Screen Capture. Add Content link.
    Select the Add Content link.

  4. Select Upload Files.

    Screen Capture. Add Content Screen with selected Upload Files Link.
    Select Upload Files.

  5. Click the Browse button to search for and select the syllabus file from your local drive. Double-click the file name or single-click the file name, then click the Open button in the dialogue box.

    Screen Capture. Browse for the syllabus file.
    Browse for the syllabus file.

  6. On the Upload a File screen, click the Upload File button.
  7. An Upload Successful message should appear. Click the Done button.
  8. Click the Exit Syllabus Files button.
  9. From the Syllabus pull-down list, select the name of your uploaded syllabus file.
  10. Click the Save Selection button.

    Screen Capture. Syllabus pop-up box with selected Save Selection Button.
    Select the name of your syllabus file, then click Save Selection.

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