Add a Chat Room

To add a chat room: 

  1. Within the course, select the Communicate tab.
  2. In the Live Chat title bar, click the edit button.

    Screen Capture. Live Chat title bar.
    Edit button in the Live Chat title bar

  3. Select the Add a Live Chat link in the toolbar to go to the Live Chat Editor.

    Screen Capture. Live Chats Screen.
    Select Add a Live Chat.

  4. In the Name text box, enter the name of the chat room as you wish it to appear as a link.

    Screen Capture. Live Chat Editor Window.
    Live Chat Editor

  5. In the Description text box, optionally enter an extended description of the room to help describe its purpose.
  6. From the Tracking pull-down menu, select Off or On. If tracking is set to On, all posted messages will be saved so that they may be reviewed in the chat logs. (See the note below.)
  7. From the Team pull-down menu, specify which team will be able to access the chat room. If the chat room is for the entire class, leave it set to ALL.

    Note: If you wish to create chat rooms for specific teams, you must first create the teams on the Manage tab.

  8. From the Viewable By pull-down menu, specify the minimum rights that a user must have in order to access the related room. It is recommended that you set this no broader than "Students," to limit the chat to individuals affiliated with your course.
  9. Set start and end dates and times for the chat room to be available. You must select the check box to the left of each date/time you set, or your setting will not be saved.
  10. Click the Save button.
  11. Click the Exit Live Chat Editor button to return to the Communicate menu.

Note: Links to chat rooms appear on the Communicate tab under the Live Chat subheading. To view a log of a chat for which you have set Tracking to On, select the View Logs link beneath the name of the chat room.

Screen Capture. Live Chat Window with selected View Logs link.
View Logs link


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