My Profile

Screen Capture. My Profile screen.
My Profile screen

My Profile is the first screen that displays once you log on to ANGEL. You may return to this screen from anywhere within ANGEL by clicking the Home button in the left-hand menu.

Screen Capture. Home button.
Home button

Default My Profile Components

By default, My Profile includes the following components:

My Courses: All courses in which you are a member. To enter a course, select its name.

My Groups: All non-course groups in which you are a member. To enter a group, select its name.

My Toolbox: Here you may add personal bookmarks to Web pages, personal files, and personal calendar events, as well as link to public resources such as Penn State public announcements.

Course Mail: Here you can view, read, and compose messages for all your courses and groups. A link indicates the number of new mail messages you have received.

My Announcements: Announcements posted by the instructor/group leader in all courses and groups in which you are a member.

Today's Calendar: Calendar events for the current day from your course and group calendars as well as your personal calendar.

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