Link to a Style Sheet (CSS) on the Web to Display ANGEL in an AccessibleManner

ANGEL users with disabilities can customize the ANGEL display according to their needs by linking to an existing style sheet in the form of a .css file on the Web using the Accessibility Menu, accessed by clicking the 508 button in the left navigation frame.

To link to a style sheet on the Web:

  1. Click the 508 button near the bottom of the left navigation frame.

    Screen Capture. 508 Button.
    Click the 508 button.

  2. Beneath the Create a Profile subheading, enter a name in the Profile Name text box, then click the Submit button immediately below.

    Screen Cpture. Accessibility Menu. Active Profile.
    Enter a Profile Name, then click Submit.

  3. Optionally enter a Profile Description, then click the Next button.
  4. On the Accessibility Options screen, select the I would like to specify the URL of my personal stylesheet check box.

    Screen Capture. Accessibility Wizard. Accessibility Options.
    Select the I would like to specify the URL of my personal stylesheet check box.

  5. Click the Next button.
  6. In the Stylesheet URL text box, enter the URL (Web address) of the .css file.

    Screen Capture. Accessibility Wizard. Personal Stylesheet.
    Enter the URL of the .css file.

  7. Click the Finish button.

Note: In order to apply the style sheet you have linked to, you must activate it. For details, reference the Activate an Existing Profile to Display ANGEL in an Accessible Manner help topic.

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