About iStudy for Success!

iStudy for Success! is a series of content tutorials addressing basic skills students need in order to have a successful academic career at Penn State. The materials were originally developed at the Royer Center for Learning and Academic Technologies in the Commonwealth College with the intended audience of first-year students. In 2003, Information Technology Services acquired the tutorials and, with the help of the University Learning Centers, converted them to function within ANGEL.

The iStudy tutorials are unique in that they provide content that anyone with a Penn State Access Account, including faculty, staff, and students, can import into an ANGEL course or group in which they have editing rights. The course or group editor then has the capability to edit tutorial content and customize it with additional ANGEL resources to put the content into context for the students.

If desired, additional folders can be created under the Lessons tab (Content tab in groups) to organize the iStudy for Success! tutorials.

If necessary, additional members can be added to the group. The roster for a course is set by the Registrar and is not as flexible as a group roster.

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