Import Grades to the Gradebook

Within the course gradebook, accessed by selecting the Gradebook link on the course Manage tab, the Import Grades tool enables you to import assignment grades from any delimited file format. The most common delimited file types are those containing comma-separated values (.csv) and tab-separated values (.tsv).

The Import Grades tool is not capable of adding new assignments or students to an existing gradebook or roster. Assignments must already exist in the gradebook prior to your importing grades. Likewise, students must be listed in the roster prior to your importing grades for them.

It is recommended that you export a copy of the gradebook and use the exported file to make any additions/changes. You can then import this file back into the gradebook.

To import grades:

  1. On the main Gradebook menu, select the Import Grades link beneath the Gradebook Setup subheading.
  2. On the Import Grades, Step 1 screen, click the Browse button.

    Screen Capture. Import Grades, Step 1 menu.
    Click Browse to locate the grade file on your local drive.

  3. In the dialogue box, locate the file on your local drive. Double-click the file name or single-click the file name, then click the Open button.
  4. Select the delimiter format for the file: Comma, Tab, or Other. (If Other, enter the delimiting character in the box to the right.)
  5. Click the Next button. The Import Grades, Step 2 screen displays.

    Screen Capture. Import Grades, Step 2 menu.
    Map each column of the imported file with the corresponding gradebook assignment.

  6. Select the column from the delimited file that contains the userid for each student. Then match each of the other columns to the assignment whose grades are stored in the column. Select (Skip) to ignore columns whose data you do not want to import.

    Note: Step 6 can be ignored when importing grades from a delimited file that was originally exported from the gradebook. It is recommended that you export the gradebook file to work in. Modifications can then be imported into the gradebook.

  7. Click the Finish button when done. The View Grades screen displays.

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