About the Communicate Tab

The course Communicate tab provides access to all course communication tools. Online course communication tools enable students to interact with course content, the instructor, and their peers outside of the classroom. Students are given the opportunity to work more with the course content through these interactions, creating the potential for deeper and longer lasting learning.

Course communication can also encourage students to share information with and support each other, creating a supportive learning community. Many students benefit from being able to rely on their peers to help with learning.

Communicate tab

The Edit Page link in the toolbar permits you to choose which communication features to make available to your students.

Use the View Inbox tools to communicate with your students in any course. The Quick Message link allows you to skip your inbox and start your message to students in any course you are teaching. ANGEL mail includes features like folders and multiple attachments.

The Course Roster link allows you to view and search the members of the course.

Team Files provides a space for student teams to share project files and other documents. This feature is not visible until you have set up teams within your course.

The Course News and Events area allows you to post course announcements, class news, and polls for your students. In contrast to a calendar event, an announcement need not be tied to a particular date and time and can be posted for a range of dates.

Live Chat opens in a separate window and allows students to "talk" with each other in real time. ANGEL's built-in chat engine makes it easy for instructors to add chat rooms to their courses. Chat rooms can be logged so that instructors can review chat logs when conducting student assessments. ANGEL chat rooms refresh immediately so there is no need to set refresh frequencies for the page.

Live Office Hours works as a live chat room but also includes scheduling capabilities and a queue manager to control student access. Students stay in a visual waiting room until their appointment time, with options to sound an alert and to bring the Live Office Hours screen to the forefront to notify them that the instructor is ready.

Discussion Forums allow students to read and post messages on specific topics at any time they choose. ANGEL lets instructors set up an unlimited number of threaded discussions. By default, each discussion forum appears both in the appropriate folder on the Lessons tab and on the Communicate tab under the Discussion Forums subheading.

Select the Add/Edit Links link to include links to specific Web pages in the Communication Links area.

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