Personal RSS Feeds

Personal RSS Feeds is an optional component you can add to your My Profile page.

Add Personal RSS Feeds Component to My Profile

To add the Personal RSS Feeds component to your My Profile page:

  1. While on your My Profile page, select the Edit Page link in the upper left.
  2. Click the Add Components button.
  3. In the Available Components pop-up window, select the check box next to Personal RSS Feeds.
  4. Click the Add Selected button.
  5. Click the Save button in the upper right.

Add an RSS Feed within the Personal RSS Feeds Component

To add an RSS feed within the Personal RSS Feeds component:

  1. Move the cursor over the RSS Headlines component, then click the pencil (settings) icon in the title bar.

    Screen Capture. RSS Headlines Box.
    Click the pencil (settings) icon in the title bar.

  2. Select the Add Feeds tab to the right of the Current Feeds tab.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • You can search for an RSS feed by typing a keyword in the text box and then clicking Search. A list of RSS feeds matching the keyword will be listed.

      Screen Capture. Search for feeds screen.
      Type a keyword in the textbox to search for a feed

      Select a feed from the list and you will see a preview of that feed in the right hand column. The Feed URL and Feed Title text boxes will be automatically populated with the URL and title of the feed. Click Add to Current Feeds to add that RSS feed to your list.

      Screen capture. Feed Editor Window.
      Preview an RSS feed

    • If you know the URL of the desired RSS feed, e.g.,, type it into the Feed URL. Add a Feed Title like Faculty/Staff Newswire, then click Add to Current Feeds.

      Screen  Capture. Feed Editor Screen.
      Type a URL address in the Feed URL textbox

  4. Select the Current Feeds tab.
  5. From the Max Items pull-down list below the RSS feed list, you can optionally select a different number of items to display.

    Screen Capture. RSS feed list.
    Select number of Items to display.

  6. If you would like the title of the RSS feed to display, check the Show Titles check box.
  7. Click the OK button.

Screen Capture. RSS Headlines Screen.
RSS Headlines displayed on My Profile

Edit an RSS Feed

Select from the list of Current Feeds. You can either edit the feed by clicking the Edit Feed button or remove it from the list by clicking the Remove Feed button.

Screen Capture. RSS Headlines Settings Window.
Select an RSS feed from the Current Feeds list.

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