System Settings

On the System Settings screen, you can specify your personal user level and mail settings.

To access the System Settings screen:

  1. Select the Preferences icon in the left-hand navigation menu.

    Screen Capture. Preferences icon.
    Select the Preferences icon.

  2. Select the System Settings link.

    Screen Capture. General User Settings Window with Selected System Settings link.
    Select the System Settings link.

You can then specify the following settings.

User Level

Beneath the User Level subheading, select the radio button next to the option that describes your comfort level with ANGEL settings. For example, a Beginner is initially presented with only normal settings and more helpful notes and directions are provided. An Advanced user is presented with all settings, both normal and advanced.

Screen Capture. Systems Settings Window.
Optionally select a User Level.

Local Drive Settings

Under the subheading Local Drive Setting, you are able to change the default drive of the CD ROM, DVD ROM, Floppy Drive, and Hard Drive by using the pull-down menus.

Screen Capture. Local Drive Settings Window.
Optionally change default drive letters for selected drives

Mail Settings

If an instructor or group leader chooses to forward an ANGEL course/group mail message to recipients, by default, a copy of the message is forwarded to their Penn State Access Account e-mail address, e.g.,

Beneath the Mail Settings subheading, you may additionally enter another Forwarding Address if you wish to receive a copy of forwarded course mail messages at that e-mail address as well.

Screen Capture. Forwarding e-mail address tab.
Optionally enter a forwarding e-mail address other than your Penn State address.

If you wish a copy of all your ANGEL course and group mail to be forwarded, regardless of whether the sender has chosen to forward a message, from the Forwarding Mode pull-down menu, select Forward my mail and keep as new.

Screen Capture. Forwarding Mode tab.
Optionally forward all course/group mail outside ANGEL.

Notes: You cannot reply to an ANGEL course/group mail message from outside ANGEL. You can only reply from within ANGEL.

You can alternately specify the mail forwarding mode from within course mail by selecting the Preferences link in the upper right of the inbox.

When you are finished editing System Settings, click the Save button.


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