About Course Permissions

Course Permissions settings within the Enrollment Settings for a course member provide course editors with control over a user's permissions. These are accessed by selecting the Roster link on the course Manage tab, then adding a new user or clicking the Edit button next to an existing user. On the Enrollment Settings screen, select the Permissions tab.

For a user with student rights, you can permit or deny access to chat, mail and/or discussions.

For a user with course editor rights, you can additionally specify which management or authoring tools he/she will be permitted to use.

Examples of particular use cases:

  • Class-level cyberbullying protection: Suppose a student has sent inappropriate e-mail to other students within the class. The instructor can set the student's Course Mail permission to Read Only. (The student will still be able to send e-mail to users with higher rights, such as course editors.)
  • Teaching assistants: Instructors can fine-tune the permissions of teaching assistants with course editor rights according to their individual roles in the course; one TA may have access to the gradebook, while another may not.

Enrollment Settings
Permissions tab under Enrollment Settings

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