Download Drop Box Submissions

As an alternative to downloading each drop box submission separately, you can download all drop box submissions simultaneously to your local drive as a ZIP file, and then use a utility such as WinZip (PC) or ZipIt (Macintosh) to "unzip" the files.

To download all drop box submissions:

  1. Within the course, select the Lessons tab.
  2. Select the title of the drop box.
  3. Select the Submissions link in the toolbar.
  4. Select the Download Submissions link.

    Screen Capture. Submissions, Download Submissions.
    Select Download Submissions.

  5. From the Download Submissions pull-down menu, select whether you wish to download only Ungraded submissions or All submissions.

    Screen Capture. Select submissions to download, click Download.
    Select submissions to download

  6. Click the Download button.
  7. Depending on your computer's browser and platform, you may be prompted to save the ZIP file, or it may be downloaded to your desktop. You can then open it with an "unzipping" utility.

The ZIP file contains a folder for each submission labeled with the name of the student and the submission date.

Note: If there are multiple submissions from a student on the same date, the folder names will be numbered in the order submitted.

Screen Capture.  List of submissions folders with zip file, labeled with submitter and date.
List of submission folders within the ZIP file, each labeled with name of submitter and date

The _list.htm file contains a list of each submitter, date, and submission title.

The _title.htm file indicates the title of the drop box from which the submissions were downloaded.

Within the folder for each submission are the files the student submitted and a file named _about.htm. The _about.htm file contains the text the student entered in the drop box Message text area.

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